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Vietnam Culture

Each country has its own set of culture that other countries can accept but there are cultures that make them upset and looks weird to them. That is because of the cultural differences. that is why the world culture shock usually occurs when a person goes to another country. With the internet, we can watch videos that would help us understand one country’s culture or read it in blogs and posts. Thanks to the internet we do not need to make a long research and spend much time and effort.

One of the culture shocks that was experienced by a visitor in Vietnam is that in a major grocery, customers have to let their bags be wrapped in a plastic bag before they could bring it. Others should leave it in the baggage area. Another thing that is normal practice of Vietnam people is to believeĀ in superstition. There are many things that they could believe in even if it seems funny and outrageous to other people. It may be because it has been passed for many generations.

In other countries, they worship there ancestor. It is also the same in Vietnam. It is normal to worship your ancestors and pray to them and offer to them for peace, long and healthy life and others. They also celebrate the longevity of life on this earth. they also have their own customs of a funeral. It is a bit complicated before but now it has been simplified and similar to other nations.