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The Persecution

It is a known fact that there are countries who do not accept Christianity. But even if they do not accept and they forbid their citizens to be Christians there are many who became Christians. This is the case of the Vietnam ministry. The mission is that to deliver the news of salvation to as many people as possible so that they too can know Jesus the savior who came into this world in human flesh to seek and give salvation to his people.

But delivering the message means that they can risk their lives as they can be arrested by the police who does not want what they are doing. They imposed their authority and do what they want to do. They arrest or punish people and force them to separate. They even seal buildings so people could not go into them and have worship. There are many stories of the sufferings that Christians have to undergo in the dark ages and it seems to still continue at this point in time.

Christians are persecuted because they believe in Jesus. Then if people also will know the path and truth that Jesus has preached they could gain the true salvation. They could be able to know the way that Jesus opened and the truth He came to establish. There are many Christians but how many of them know what is the true interpretation of the Bible? There are thousands of different Christian churches because there are many interpretations people want to believe in.